Exciting Muay Thai Summer Camp for Kids in Kendall Ages 5-13

Exciting Summer Camp Activities in Kendall: Muay Thai for Kids Ages 5-13

Summer is the best time of the year for children when they can try out new things, meet new friends and keep fit. In case you are in search of an interesting and educational summer camp for your child at Kendall, then the Muay Thai kids’ summer camp held in our center is the best for you. This camp comes with a mixture of exercises, orderliness and hobby making it perfect for children.

Why Choose Muay Thai for Kids?

Muay Thai, called Also Thai boxing in some places, is a classic form of martial arts that integrates the use of hand and leg thrusting techniques. In keeping fit, it can be considered as an asset for adolescents and comes in handy for manners in discipline, esteem and trust. Here are some reasons why

Muay Thai is a great option for children:

  • Muay Thai clubs physical fitness:  A complete body workout which increases strength, speed and stamina; a good option for summertime health and fitness for children, since.
  • Endurance: In order to master the skills of Muay Thai, focus and practice is required. A culture of discipline is therefore inculcated by which the children are taught to set goals and labor towards attaining them.
  • Building self-esteem: Advancement through various levels of Muay Thai and mastering new skills by kids, enhances their self-confidence. They learn to trust in themselves while approaching challenges positively.
  • Respect And Teamwork: Focus On Teaching To Respect Instructors And Classmates By Muay Thai.8 Through This, Children Can Also Enhance The Understanding Of The Need To Help Each Other In And Out Of The Training Set Up.

What to Expect at Our Muay Thai Summer Camp

Our foremost intention in the establishment of a summer camp at Kendall was to ensure that the children could be in a safe environment as they learn Muay Thai but also have fun at the same time.

    Here is a preview into a normal day at our camp:
  • In the morning warm-up class, they have jogging, stretching and basic exercises to increase the child’s flexibility and stamina before they commence their daily training activities.
  • Development of Skill: Based on their skills and age category, the children are put in different groups. These may be how one does various Muay Thai techniques-either throwing punches, kicks, knees, or evenelbows on someone else! But do we allow them for example small girls like Sarah who has been with us since she was three? Of course NOT! Our trainers make sure every individual is taken through with care and assist.
  • Drills and sparring are very important for mastering Muay Thai practicality. Children are involved in controlled activities during which they rehearse their abilities in a secure and observed surrounding. Which makes easier for them to comprehend actual life uses of what they acquire.
  • In a session full of activity in the morning, it is time to eat a balanced diet and socialize a bit. It gives a chance for children to rest, have a nice snack and create new friendships.
  • In the afternoons, there are activities that are supposed to support Muay Thai training. These may incorporate playfulness, physical practices, e.g., games or meditation as well as mental exercises among other things like yoga.
  • Relaxing and Thinking: Following each day there is always a chance for oneself to relax and think over matters which emerged during discussions held in class. Here it is possible for children to think through what they covered the whole day or share with others their personal experiences at school before they return back home. Furthermore, they might be asked about what they would like their lives to look like, what they would like to achieve in such or such a domain of knowledge among other similar questions.

Enroll your child in our Muay Thai Summer camp.

  • Holistic Development: Our camp focuses on the overall development of children, encompassing physical, mental and social aspects. It involves both studying Muay Thai and achieving overall personal growth, not only focusing on the sport.
  • Qualified Instructors: Our team has specialized experience in managing children. They are selfless when it comes to making provision for a secure and constructive environment in which children can learn and grow
  • Fun and Engaging: Learning should be enjoyable. Kids are always kept motivated and engaged throughout the camp with engaging activities and games provided.
  • Building Friendships: Summer camp is a great place for children to make new friends and create some friendships that they can hold on to longer. The supportive atmosphere allows for better camaraderie and teamwork
  • Safety First: We have most respect for our participants in terms of their safety. The activities are always watched to make sure that each one is done correctly and in accordance with all safety regulations.

How to Enroll

Our Muay Thai summer camp registration is simple. In order to enroll your child at this camp, you only need to visit our website, look for the registration form and fill the needed details on it. After that, you can choose a camp session that matches your timetable as well as the age bracket of your child among the several that exist. In the first place, spots run out very fast hence enrolling early will save you from missing out on them.


Enroll your kid in our exciting and enriching Muay Thai summer camp in Kendall, Florida, for them to have a feel of this Thai martial art. The Muay Thai summer camp serves to help kids aged between five and thirteen years acquire an unforgettable and useful experience. Muay Thai summer camp in Kendall, our is a unique life-changing experience for kids aged 5-13. Give your child a chance to acquire a new skill, socialize and stay energetic. Just enroll in this summer camp today.

To know more and register please visit our website or directly call us. We will be very happy to host your kid this summer at our camp.


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