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Calisthenic Circuit Class

This class tests your cardio without the need for weighted equipment. It is usually pairing a single move with a single calisthenic. Our goal with this class is not only to get you tired but to be tired and still try to properly perform Muay Thai, giving an aspect of Training that is sometimes missed when focusing on one or the other.

Calisthenic circuit classes are a fantastic way to improve overall fitness and strength without needing heavy weights or equipment. These classes typically involve a series of bodyweight exercises performed in a circuit-style format, with minimal rest between each exercise.

One of the key benefits of calisthenic circuit classes is that they can be tailored to suit any fitness level, from beginner to advanced. As participants progress, they can increase the intensity and difficulty of the exercises, helping to challenge their bodies and continually achieve new levels of fitness.

Another benefit of calisthenic circuit classes is that they are great for developing functional strength and mobility, which can translate into improved performance in other physical activities, such as sports or outdoor recreation. Additionally, these classes can help to improve balance, coordination, and flexibility, which can help to reduce the risk of injury and improve the overall quality of life.

Overall, calisthenic circuit classes offer a fun and effective way to improve fitness and strength while promoting overall health and wellness.

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